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About Us

What is Bun's Bargains?
Bun's Bargains is an online store that sells various electronic accessories products, which was founded in 2007. Bun's Bargains provides many choices for anyone who wants to buy complete gadget accessories, especially tablet pc and smartphone accessories. Even though it offers hundreds of products of various brands at low prices, its quality is not cheap. Bun's Bargains is the only one-stop solution for all your electronic accessories needs! Come on, shop at Bun's Bargains and get the best gadget accessories products at the lowest prices!

The Founder
Hansen Bun founded Bun's Bargains. Besides being an investor in the stock market, he is also a great buyer when finding good deals. Being a savvy bargain hunter led Hansen to create and start this online shop. This so that people can follow in his footstep when it comes down to online shopping. He wants Bun's Bargains Online E-Commerce to fulfill customers' needs when finding the best price. Hansen believes that providing great bargains on this website can help people always buy goods at a discount. This, of course, also saves tons of money when shopping online, and this is the goal for people who shop in Bun's Bargains online store.

Our Vision & Mission 
Vision - "To be a complete world-class investment and motivational accessories site in the world."

Mission - "To become the number one investment and motivational accessories online store in the world that provides the completeness and convenience of shopping, and pay attention and provide a memorable shopping experience to customers, through the eight-dimensional values of the experience."